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Grease Monkey Kush is a potent and aromatic strain that merges the best qualities of its parent strains, GG4 and Cookies and Cream. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers a powerful and relaxing high that’s belove by both recreational and medicinal users alike.

Visually, Grease Monkey Kush boasts dense, chunky buds that are coat in a thick layer of resinous trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. Its vibrant green leaves are often accent by patches of deep purple, adding to its visual allure. The buds are typically sticky to the touch, a testament to the strain’s resin production.

Aroma-wise, Grease Monkey Kush delights the senses with a complex bouquet that combines earthy, pungent, and sweet notes. Upon breaking apart the buds, a rich aroma of skunky diesel and pine emerges, follow by hints of sweet vanilla and nuttiness. When smoke or vaporize, these flavors intensify, leaving a lingering aftertaste that is both smooth and satisfying.

Grease Monkey Kush For Sale Online

In terms of effects, Grease Monkey Kush is known for inducing a deeply relaxing body high couple with a euphoric and uplift mental state. It starts with a cerebral buzz that melts away stress and anxiety, allowing users to feel blissfully carefree. As the high progresses, a soothing body melt sets in, relieving tension and soothing aches and pains

This strain is appropriately name for smell helps me to remember an auto carport with sawdust and oil solidified onto the shop floor. It smells gassy and capably musky simultaneously. The hereditary qualities are cross from GG #4 and Treats and Cream which makes a capably delicious blend too. Mechanic preferences somewhat gassy and the high inclines toward the unwinding indica body high. It gives some psychological feeling yet the impacts are generally quieting in the body without being excessively soothing. This is an extraordinary strain for any loosening up action and is compelling for torment the board. Evaluate by Michael Cassini.

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