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Buy Amazonian Magic Mushrooms Online

Buy Amazonian Magic Mushrooms is a strain of psilocybin cubensis, originally known as Psilocybe Fanaticus. This strain is much larger than its Mexican counterpart, and its effect is kind of similar to Thai strains, with its own twist.

Amazonian Mushroom Strain Information

This strain takes a bit longer when compared to others (such as SE strains from Asia) but the mushrooms it grows are healthy and potent – keep in mind that they need quite an exact climate. If done right you can grow a cake full of thick, full caps that can measure up to 10cm in diameter – a very powerful mushroom. The first round might grow a bit small, but the second and third harvests should be absolutely enormous. These shrooms have high amounts of psilocybin, sprouting blueish, shiny mycelium. Using a GSE Temperature Controller will help achieve the perfect degrees.

Complete Mushroom Grow Kit

The best thing about these kits is that they contain everything you need to grow them at home; including a container with substrate and spores. The first round might come out a bit smaller, although the second and third harvest should be much larger. This particular fungus contains quite a lot of psilocybin, producing blue mycelium all over.

Amazonian Mushrooms | Effects, and Intensity

This strain is one of the few that doesn’t produce visual effects; it’s much more creative and introspective. It’s edging on the side of an intense trip. Keep in mind that these kits are designed for mycological studies; if you decide to consume them, we are not responsible for the effects perceived.